London meeting

Reflection of the London week

Wednesday 11 Jan 17

Between 6th and 9th December last year, the whole network of ModLife ESRs got together for the first time in London in order to undergo first series of collective scientific training and to present their plan for the upcoming years of PhD studies.

Three days of intensive training consisted of:

  • Course on Modelling of Mammalian Cell Bioprocess,
  • Workshop on Advances in Instrumentation, Experimentation and Data Analysis, and
  • Workshop on Multi-Scale Multi-Phase Modeling of Chemical And Biochemical Systems.

The lecturers included not only representatives of the project partners directly involved in ModLife, but also invited external specialists like Prof. Suzanne Farid (University College London) and Prof. Daniele Marchisio (Politecnico di Torino). One sentence from an ESR evaluating the training week afterwards summarized the experience perfectly: "The presenters were all brilliant and the topics they covered were relevant and interesting."

On the fourth day the roles switched and the ESRs got the role of presenters, introducing the ModLife consortium to their research and career development plans. It was a great experience for all of us involved. We have really strong team full of great and friendly young minds. Many thanks to our colleagues from Imperial College for organizing the event!

We wish all the best to the ESRs and their supervisors in 2017!

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