ModLife at WCCE-ESCAPE conference!

Wednesday 06 Sep 17
ModLife ESRs will represent their network at the upcoming joint conference of 10th World Congress of Chemical Engineering (WCCE10) and 27th European Symposium on Computer-Aided Process Engineering (ESCAPE27) in Barcelona Spain, 1-5 October 2017.

The following contributions are going to be presented by the ModLife team at the WCCE10/ESCAPE27 conference:


  • "Dymamic Optimization of the Production of Monoclonal Antibodies in Semi-Batch Operation" (Chryssa)
  • "How to Use Mechanistic Metabolic Modeling to Ensure High Quality Glycoprotein Production" (Alireza)
  • "Bayesian Multi-Objective Optimisation of Neotissue Growth in a Perfusion Bioreactor Set-Up" (Simon)
  • "Data Validation and Modelling of Thermodynamic Properties of Systems with Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) in Complex Media for Skin Absorption Processes" (Lukasz)
  • "A Simplified Kinetic and Mass Transfer Modelling of the Thermal Hydrolysis of Vegetable Oils" (Hector)


  • "Modeling Stability of Double Emulsions" (Behnam)
  • "Mapping of Oil in Water Emulsion Stabilities" (Tanmoy)
  • "Multi-Scale Modelling of Solute Partition Equilibria of Micelle-Water and Microemulsion-Water Systems Using Molecular Dynamics and COSMOtherm" (Mattia)
  • "Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis for an Ibuprofen Synthesis Model Based on Hoechst Path" (Frederico)
  • "Multi-Scale Modelling Approach for Design and Optimization of Oleochemical Processes" (Mark)
  • "Methodology for Plantwide Design and Optimization of Wastewater Treatment Plants" (Alexandr)

10 out of 11 contributions listed above will also be published in the form of 6-page fulltexts in the proceedings of ESCAPE27 conference, which form the 40th issue of Computer-Aided Chemical Engineering series published by Elsevier.

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