Public events

Notable attendance of ModLife ESRs at events open either to wider scientific audience or to the public includes:

  • Oral presentation “Breaking the walls of feeding 9.1 billions by 2050” by ESR5 at EC-MSCA Falling Walls LAB event in Brussels, Belgium (24-25 September 2017).
  • Attendance of European Researchers Night 2017, Brussels, Belgium (26-27 September 2017) by ESR5.
  • Poster presentation at PROSYS (CAPEC-PROCESS) Researchers Day at DTU in 2016 and 2017 by ESR1, ESR2, ESR8, ESR10 and ESR11.
  • Presentation at Advanced Modelling and Simulation of Wastewater Treatment Processes Seminar, held at Lund University on 1 September 2017, by ESR1.
  • Oral and poster presentation at Codegepra 2016 by ESR3 and ESR15. The event was organised in the region of Lyon/France and intended for PhD engineers of the region.
  • Poster presentation at PSE Researcher Day at Imperial College London (27 July 2017) by ESR4.
  • The Google PhD Poster Competition (15 March 2017) in London attended by ESR13.
  • ESR11 received the Best Poster Award at the ESCAPE-27 conference (1-5 October 2017, Barcelona, Spain).
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