ESR 1: Resul Al

 Resul Al

Contact: E-mail
Project title: Sustainable process synthesis and design

Host organization: DTU
Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Gürkan Sin
Duration: 36 months

Objectives: Develop next generation tools and methods for sustainable process synthesis and design in particular:

  • Focus on concept generation and screening using multi-criteria economics and environmental metrics at early stage of process development.
  • Link predictive modeling and uncertainty analysis to ensure robust and predictive solutions.
  • Identify risk-averse solutions for optimization under uncertainties.

Expected results: Development of improved sustainability analysis methodology and tool for sustainable process design including (i) expanded life cycle inventory (LCI) database with missing information. In particular GC+ property models are developed to estimate environmental properties of compounds relevant for life science industries, (ii) LCI database extended with uncertainty analysis for quality assurance. A decision support tool using optimization based framework complete with solution and analysis methods (including global uncertainty analysis to verify robustness of solutions). The tool is validated at selected process-product development studies together with industrial partners ALAVAL and UNILEVER.

Planned secondments:

  • ALAVAL, M9, 3 months, process design of oleo-chemicals
  • UNILEVER, M24, 1 month, formulated products
  • IMPERIAL, M30, 1 month, optimization techniques

19 JULY 2024