ESR 7: Mattia Turchi


Contact: E-mail
Project title:
 Multi-scale modeling and experimental validation of thermodynamic properties of multiphase complex product formulations

Host organization: UNILEVER
Supervisors: Prof. Guoping Lian (UNILEVER), Assoc. Prof. Jens Abildskov (DTU)
Duration: 36 months


  • Develop and validate multi-scale models to predict thermodynamic properties (e.g. solubility, chemical potential, phase behavior and phase equilibrium) of multi-phase emulsions.
  • Integrate multi-scale thermodynamic models of complex formulations with transport models of biosubstrate to predict bioavailability.

Expected results: Validated multi-scale models for thermodynamic properties of complex formulations, Integrated transport and thermodynamic model for prediction of bioavailability and Industrial case study of digital R&D for product innovation. Using these predictions and knowledge, research will then focus to understand how product formulation affects the delivery of actives to biosubstrates such as skin, hair and in mouth, which in turn will be used to study and understand the sub-cellular disposition of actives to deliver consumer benefits (flavour, hygiene, personal care etc). Ultimately, the thermodynamic modeling will be integrated into a predictive bioavailability model to study interactions between complex formulations and delivery mechanisms.

Planned secondments:

  • IMPERIAL M12, 1 month, Bioprocesses, process modeling and optimization
  • UCBL, M18, 1 month, emulsion processes & population balance modeling
  • ART, M24, 1 month, in situ sensors and measurement technologies
19 JULY 2024