ESR 6: Eduardo Schultz


Contact: E-mail
Project title:
 Rigorous satisfaction of path constraints in ODE systems

Host organization: RWTH
Supervisor: Prof. Alexander Mitsos
Duration: 36 months

Objectives: The objective of this ESR is to develop a methodology to ensure path constraints, i.e., constraints that have to hold for any point in time/space, rigorously, despite the presence of parametric uncertainty. Throughout the project, the models developed have spatial and/or temporal dependence and engineering constraints have to be satisfied for any point in time; this is particularly important for safety-related constraints. No rigorous algorithm guaranteeing this exists, thus a first-of-a-kind algorithm will be developed.

Expected results: 

  • Implementation of an algorithm to deal with path constraints in ODE systems.
  • An algorithm to deal with path constraints in DAE systems.
  • A methodology to handle path constraints in PDE systems.
  • A methodology to satisfy path constraints in presence of parametric uncertainty.

Each method will be applied to selected case studies from industrial challenges related product and process development efforts.

Planned secondments:

  • IMPERIAL, M18, 1 month, multiparametric programming
  • UCBL, M24, 1 modeling of disperse systems
19 JULY 2024