ESR 8: Hector Forero


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Project title: 
Advanced control and monitoring for recovery of high value added products

Host organization: ALAVAL
Supervisors: Dr. Bent Sarup (ALAVAL), Prof. Krist Gernaey (DTU)
Duration: 36 months

Objectives: Increase the yield of high value added product recovery from vegetable oil refining process (tocophorols, vitamin E) though development of process optimization and control strategies tailored for the needs of food sectors in particular vegetable oil refineries. Obtain robust control strategies accounting for uncertainties in plant model and measurements. Develop dynamic plant performance monitoring algorithms.

Expected results: Validated models for model predictive control technology in collaboration with ESR10. Tested and validated novel control strategies for increasing yield of recovery of vitamin E from soybean oil refining. Methodology for design of model predictive control. These are achieved by developing: (i) model identification framework from available (limited and imperfect data sets) plant data, (ii) soft sensors for estimating state variables for control and monitoring of process, (iii) benchmarking novel model predictive control strategies for optimizing yield recovery, (iv) robust control considering uncertainties in plant model and measurements.

Planned secondments:

  • DTU, M18, 2 months, modeling/control/monitoring
  • IMPERIAL, M28, 1 month, optimization methods
  • ART, M24, 1 month, sensors and measurement techniques
10 AUGUST 2022