ESR 15: Behnam K. Hamedani


Contact: E-mail
Project title:
 Design, scale-up and optimization of double emulsion processes

Host organization: UCBL
Supervisors: Dr. Nida Sheibat-Othman (UCBL), Prof. Guoping Lian (UNILEVER)
Duration: 36 months

Objectives: The aim is to facilitate the design, scale-up and optimisation of double emulsion processes. This requires the development of theoretical understanding of double emulsion (w/o/w) processes, based on coupling of the population balances of the internal and external emulsions, hydrodynamic effects and interface phenomena and properties. Such multi-scale computational models will be developed to predict the effect of key material and process factors on internal/external droplet size and stability.

Expected results: 

  • Develop a protocol for the experimental study of the stability of double emulsions in collaboration with WP1.
  • Propose an integrated model for predicting internal and external droplets size of double emulsions as function of material properties (rheological, interfacial) and process conditions (concentrations, stirring intensities).
  • Propose a model to map made emulsions into stable, metastable and unstable regimes.

Planned secondments:

  • UNILEVER, M12, 4 months, data collection
  • UNILEVER, M30, 6 months, model application & validation
19 JULY 2024