ESR 3: Tanmoy K.Deb


Contact: E-mail
Project title:
 Multi-scale modeling of liquid/liquid dispersions

Host organization: UCBL
Supervisors: Dr. Nida Sheibat-Othman (UCBL), Dr. Mahir Ozdemir (JANSSEN), Dr. Ruxandra Govoreanu (JANSSEN)
Duration: 36 months

Objectives: To develop models with improved accuracy to monitor the physical stability of nanosuspension, predict the Ostwald Ripening mechanism (S/L) and stability of micron sized emulsions (L/L) subject to different storage conditions (temperature, humidity; shear). The developed models are mechanistic and account for bulk and interfacial rheologies, solubility and the particle/droplet size distribution (DSD). A thorough understanding by combining both experiments and realistic modeling based on measurable parameters.

Expected results: A predictive model for shelf life physical stability of dispersions as a function of processing conditions as well as formulation results (surfactant and dispersed phase concentrations, PSD/DSD, rheology). This ESR project includes online measurements of the droplet size (e.g, turbiscan®) and rheology to be used for model identification. Most usually, the rheological properties are not taken into account in breakage and coagulation kernels, Ostwald Ripening is neglected in the population balance, characterization is done offline at ambient temperature, so under different conditions, and only sing emulsions are usually modeled. Therefore, this project is expected to enable the development of a more fundamental model with better prediction abilities.

Planned secondments:

  • S-PACT, M12, 1 month, online measurements
  • JANSSEN, M20, 2 months, data collection & analysis
  • DTU, M28, 2 months, model identification
  • JANSSEN, M35, 2 months, model verification
19 JULY 2024