ESR 4: Antonio L. Grilo


Contact: E-mail  Website
Project title:
 Development of a model for continuous bioprocessing of mammalian cell culture systems

Host organization: IMPERIAL
Supervisors: Prof. Athanasios Mantalaris (IMPERIAL), Dr. Ruth Misener (IMPERIAL)
Duration: 36 months


  • Development of an integrated model for the description of the upstream and downstream processing
  • Design of a framework for data reduction and estimation of the significant model parameters.

Expected results: An integrated model to describe the upstream and downstream bioprocessing for the production of MAbs will be studied. The model will be validated using experimental data that will be extracted via tailor-made model-based experimentation (DoE). The ESR will also work towards the development of a robust methodology for data reduction in experimentation, thus decreasing experimental cost and analysis time. This project will be closely linked with the project for the development of advanced optimization and control strategies (WP3) for the selected processes from biopharmaceutical production.

Planned secondments:

  • USTRATH, M10, 1 month, exposure to online monitoring techniques
  • RWTH, M24, 2 months, optimization tools
  • BAYER, M30, 1 month, exposure to industrial application
19 JULY 2024