ESR 5: Puneet Mishra


Contact: E-mail
Project title: 
Advances in in-situ measurements and data integration methodologies for on-line monitoring of bioprocesses

Host organization: USTRATH
Supervisor: Dr. Alison Nordon (USTRATH), Prof. Julian Morris (USTRATH), Dr. Viacheslav Artyushenko (ART)
Duration: 36 months


  • Evaluation of optical, acoustic and imaging techniques for in situ measurement of critical quality and performance attributes.
  • Development of miniature fibre-probe analysers for optimized high resolution multi-spectral process control.
  • Development of novel data fusion algorithms for integration of process, product performance and analytical measurement data.

Expected results: Access to new information related to critical quality and performance attributes from in situ optical, acoustic and/or imaging measurements. A step-change in in situ optical measurements through the development of low cost, small bespoke analyzers with improved performance characteristics (e.g. speed of analysis and detection limits). New data fusion algorithms, based on multi-block and Bayesian methods, for improved process monitoring and control. Demonstration and validation on selected process and product challenges in WP5.

Planned secondments:

  • ART, M12, 2 months, training in instrumentation development
  • IMPERIAL, M15, 1 month, training on fermentation
  • JANSSEN, M24, 1 month, application to product formulation in biopharmaceuticals 
  • S-PACT, M36, 1 month, data analysis software
19 JULY 2024