ESR 11: Frederico Montes


Contact: E-mail
Project title:
 In-silico process design and evaluation tool for pharmaceutical manufacturing

Host organization: DTU
Supervisors: Assoc. Prof. Gürkan Sin (DTU), Dr. Mahir Ozdemir (JANSSEN), Dr. Alison Nordon (USTRATH)
Duration: 36 months

Objectives: The aims are (i) to develop model-based enabling technology that integrates library of sensors and measurements technology in WP1, validated model library in WP2 and control and monitoring algorithms in WP3 and (ii) to support pharmaceuticals industry in optimization of manufacturing processes at early stage process development cycle including process design to control and monitoring strategies.

Expected results: 

  • In silico design and optimization of processing/production technology in life sciences.
  • Identification of the workflow and supporting tools and methods needed to design and validate optimal operation, control and monitoring strategies.
  • A library and database for models, sensors and optimization/control algorithms.
  • Quantitative risk assessment to quantify the risk associated with uncertainties in data and modeling.
  • Demonstration on selected processes from pharmaceutical production in collaboration with industrial partners JANSSEN and BAYER.

Planned secondments:

  • JANSSEN, M15, 1 month, pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • USTRATH, M30, 2 months, measurement and monitoring of pharmaceutical processes
  • BAYER, M36, 1 month, biopharmaceuticals production
19 JULY 2024